HOW TO: Be a Tech Hero this Black Friday

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Gone are those Christmas days when you could buy your kids a board game or your spouse a vacuum (honestly, those days were never a thing!). Today, it’s all about the tech. But where do you start? As Black Friday approaches, here are a few tips for getting the best gadgets of the year without breaking the bank (or standing in line all Friday!) …

Talk to your robots. Ask Alexa or Siri if they have any recommendations of hot items or big sales. Don’t be surprised when Alexa directs you to Amazon.

Sign up EVERYWHERE. Most companies offer 10-20% off your first purchase when you provide your email and/or phone. Sign up now, get your offers, buy, and then unsubscribe by texting STOP.

Consult your cheat sheet. Go to www.blackfriday.com to check out the ad scans for all the big box stores. If you’re not sure what’s hip and cool, check these pages to get an idea (and maybe even find a good deal).

Download apps. Most people do their online shopping on their phones, and websites just aren’t optimized for that. Download apps for your favorite stores and you’ll save time entering payment details, have access to deals, and get a more customized, curated experience.

Do some in-person recon. Store salespeople and managers probably hate this, but if you just want to get your hands on a laptop, tablet, or other gadget to make sure it’s right for you, visit your local Best Buy well before Black Friday and try it out. You can check the price on-line and maybe even make a local shop’s day by skipping the app altogether and buying in-store!

As always, it’s the thought that counts when it comes to great gift giving. Your kids, parents, and partner will appreciate whatever tech you find for them this year—just make sure to keep the receipts in case they wanted socks all along…

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