Happy Leap Day!

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For all you 4 year olds out there about to get your driver’s license… happy leap year! That’s right, this February you’ll get an extra day to ensure that our calendar year is properly synced with the solar year (which is actually slightly more than the 365 day calendar we all follow). Although this kind of calendar fine-tuning may seem like a very modern invention, the ancient Greeks, Egyptians, and Romans (chronic stargazers) actually started the practice of adding a day to the calendar every four years.

So, with all this extra time on your hands, what will you do with your Leap Day this year? You could follow St. Brigid’s lead and propose marriage to a man! You could visit Anthony, Texas, which invites people born on February 29th to visit and enjoy square dancing, music, and great food. Or if you want to take the holiday as literally as possible, find yourself a great trampoline park and leap the day away!

It only comes around every four years. How will YOU spend this special celestial day?

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