HOW TO Win Over Your Valentine with Lovely Tech

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Nothing says “romance” like a messaging app built for two or a joined-at-the-heart iPhone charger, right? With the price of chocolate through the roof and the sad reality that those $100 roses will be dead by the weekend, why not wow your special someone this year with tech that will make their heart melt?


  • Valentine’s Day Calendar – Old school calendar meets modern, sleek tear-off calendar made up of all your favorite photos of you and your love.
  • Reel Viewer – A real blast from the past, this gadget harkens back to the ViewMaster of old, but YOU get to choose the photos to include.
  • ToTwoo Always Soulmate – This jewelry looks smart and IS smart. When paired with the app, these matching bracelets are always connected allowing you to send a quick “I love you” via text, as a photo, or even an audio or video clip.


  • Between app – Download this chat app and keep all your conversations, photos, calendars, and special reminders just between the two of you!
  • Paired app – Named the #1 app for couples, Paired uses games, questionnaires, and discussion points to get couples talking. The aim is to make every day with your special person as happy and healthy as your Valentine’s Day.
  • TripIt app – What’s more romantic than traveling with your honey bunny? Use the TripIt app to manage your entire itinerary—no matter how complex—including booking flights and hotels, making dinner reservations, and even scoring discounts on local attractions.

Here’s hoping this list wins over some tech lovers. And if not, who are we kidding? Just splurge on the chocolate!

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