It’s SO Hot. Apps & Gear that make hot workouts a breeze!

With record heat across the nation, it’s just too hot for running and even cycling outside. And since many gyms still remain closed, many fitness fiends (and average Joes!) are looking for ways to stick to their routine. While some options are pricier than others, there are lots of ways to stay healthy and be cool doing it:

Peloton – If you’re ready for your old Schwinn to look like a rusty Model T, give a Peloton stationary bike a try. Packages range from $2,245 and include just the bike to the family package for $2,700 which includes shoes, headphones, a mat, and all the other accouterments an indoor cyclist would need. The coolest part though is you can take classes from world-renowned coaches or bike to videos of the world’s greatest roads and trails.

MIRROR – While spending your workout staring into a mirror might not be your thing, you may change your mind when you meet the Mirror. Turn it on and suddenly a mirror becomes your boxing coach, your barre instructor, and your coach who tracks every movement, every wobble, and every improvement. Instructions appear in real-time on the screen to offer tips for more efficient and effective movement—just like a real coach. The Mirror starts at about $1,500 and you’ll pay a monthly fee for the coaching services, but you may never want to go back to the gym again!

Strava – This app can be used with iPhone or Android devices and syncs with heart rate monitors, GPS, or power meters to track performance metrics like a pro. You can design programs to improve your performance, review past runs and rides, and—of course—share your experiences and successes with friends. Strava bills itself as “the social network for athletes” giving die-hard racers and rookies a place to talk fitness, form unique and specialized groups, check out new routes, and congratulate each other on races well run.

PEAR – PEAR has come a long way since their first device that clipped to your shoes. Today, their suite of diagnostic and coaching tools will make you actually WANT to get out there and run. Their apps boast “adaptive coaching” telling you mid-run to “pick up the pace” or “dial it back, your heart rate is too high.” The apps are also brandable so local coaches and physical trainers can design programs and deliver them to their clients with chat features, workout plans with trainer logos, and even video clips.

Fitbit – Fitbit was the trailblazer with fitness tracking, and today it still offers an array of options and styles that track what you need without the price tag that comes with the Apple Watch and other tools. Track daily steps, workouts, nutrition, weight, and sleep and share your progress with friends.

 Whatever you choose, however hot and sluggish you feel, just get out there—or in there!—for a little exercise every day for a better, healthier you!

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