New Year, New Tech

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Some monumental changes in the technology landscape happened in 2023 and—just like the change to your waistline when your new diet kicks in!—big changes are on the horizon for 2024. Artificial Intelligence (AI) has only begun to show us what it can do so we can expect to see more technologies, companies, service providers, and even individuals who embrace AI to do everything from assist their call centers to automate the most tedious tasks to even begin taking on more creative endeavors. What else is in store for the new year?

1. Multi-networking. Experts predict that rather than using a single cloud service for ALL one’s personal or business needs, consumers will begin finding the best service for each individual need based on the provider’s niche expertise.

2. Improved cybersecurity. With more ransomware attacks occurring in the first 9 months of 2023 than in all of 2022, “hardening” of our defenses is a must for 2024. Cybersecurity firms are increasing their offerings, and the public should make it a resolution to bolster their defenses with all available tools.

3. Expansion of rural broadband. The FCC has awarded billions of dollars to rural broadband companies to begin building, expanding, and improving connectivity to rural areas. This project will bring education, jobs, and innovation to previously disconnected neighborhoods and allow these regions to flourish.

4. New VR and XR technologies. From Apple to Meta, Samsung to Nintendo, a bevy of firms are taking another crack at virtual reality (VR) and extended reality (XR) goggles and experiences. Although the evolution of this technology has been slow (and their interfaces too expensive for most users), experts predict that the manifold business/innovation applications for this tech may be the driving force that keeps developers working to perfect their products.

The pace of technological advances seems to be picking up speed every year and often it feels tough to keep up. Industry experts appeal to consumers to “lean in” to advances like AI. But if it ever feels like too much, we’re all for unplugging for awhile and leaning into that wonderful pile of good old fashioned paper books you got for Christmas. Happy New Year!

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